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A day for making tools

Posted in Tool Making on February 28, 2010 by Jim

Today was a day for making tools. I was in need of file handles and I hate paying five dollars for one when I have a full scrap box in the shop. Making the handles got me fired up so I also made a maple and cherry mallet, and a shooting board.

Chisel handles maple mallet shooting board

The hand plane behind the shooting board is one I made while reading of all the James Krenov books.

Cradle Boat

Posted in Boat building on February 28, 2010 by Jim

Walnut and ash Cradle boat

Walnut Burl Breasthook

I made this with plans by Warren at Jordan Wood Boats.

Warren is super nice to work with and his plans are great.

If you haven’t build any boats before, get a copy of his book too. It really helped me with a few of the curved things that I hadn’t done before.


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Carved wooden trout

Posted in Carving on February 28, 2010 by Jim

We have an annual auction for charity where I live and I was asked to do a carving of a trout.

Here it is about half complete.

Trout Carving in cedar

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Captain Catfish

Posted in Carving, Toy Making on February 28, 2010 by Jim

I had just bought a copy of Al Streetman’s book 20 Folk Bird and Fish Patterns and I got inspired. I needed a birthday present for a child and I had this wooden catfish…

All that fish needed was a boat – so I give you Captain Catfish:

Folk Art Retro style wooden catfish toy

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Handmade Wooden Arrows

Posted in Archery on February 28, 2010 by Jim

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A friend got me interested in archery. I did this with my dad and my uncles when I was younger but haven’t thought about it in years. Of course, it is more fun to make all the arrows myself.

Here is my first arrow:

Spiral Fletched Wooden Arrow

The most fun part of this was making a jig for making custom dowels. The shaft of the arrow was a piece of an old Douglas fir 2×4 that I had in the basement. I can post a pic or instructions of the jig if anyone is interested – just send me an email at

After a time, I experimented with several other arrow types, here is my favorite.

Handmade Wooden flu flu arrows.

These are called flu flu arrows and are for shooting targets up in air or in trees. The hafts are homemade from some lyptus scraps a friend brought me from his cabinet shop.

Clicking on the pictures will make them larger.

Let’s make stuff

Posted in Introduction on February 26, 2010 by Jim


I have another blog, Make Stuff With Your Kid, and it was starting to fill up with my personal projects.

This blog will be a landing place for my personal projects and let me keep Make Stuff With Your Kid focused on projects to make with children.

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