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UHMW Plastic Hammer Head

Posted in metalwork, Raising Copper, Tool Making on July 2, 2010 by Jim

Hammers! Hammers! Hammers!

I cannot stop making hammers. This is a hammer head made of UHMW plastic. That is ‘Ultra High Molecular Weight’ plastic. It is incredibly abrasion resistant, and pretty cool to boot… The handle is cherry. It should be a good non-marring hammer for me to use in raising this copper vessel.

UHMW Plastic Hammer

Making a hammer is  the most primal amazing feat of tool making. Hammers are a magical thing. Once you have a hammer, you can make all the other tools. In the past, blacksmiths would break off a piece of their hammer and forge it into their sons first hammer when he began his apprenticeship. As for me, a tiny brass hammer that my grandfather made is one of my prize possessions – a rosebud if you will.

I made this hammer as a copy of one that my metals instructor, Bryan Park, had made.

Happy Making,


Raising Copper!

Posted in metalwork, Raising Copper on July 1, 2010 by Jim

I am taking a metalsmithing class at the Lawrence Art Center and it is a real eye opener for me! I should have done this years ago.

We have a great teacher, Bryan Park, a great facility, and all the students seem really glad to be there.

Raising A Copper Bowl

This week, I started raising my first  vessel from a flat sheet of copper. Here it is after two preliminary rounds of sinking (beating the copper into a depression to start the right shape).

Hand raised copper bowl