Handmade Wooden Arrows

This is one of the older posts that I am moving over from Make Stuff With Your Kids.

A friend got me interested in archery. I did this with my dad and my uncles when I was younger but haven’t thought about it in years. Of course, it is more fun to make all the arrows myself.

Here is my first arrow:

Spiral Fletched Wooden Arrow

The most fun part of this was making a jig for making custom dowels. The shaft of the arrow was a piece of an old Douglas fir 2×4 that I had in the basement. I can post a pic or instructions of the jig if anyone is interested – just send me an email at jim@makestuffwithyourhands.com

After a time, I experimented with several other arrow types, here is my favorite.

Handmade Wooden flu flu arrows.

These are called flu flu arrows and are for shooting targets up in air or in trees. The hafts are homemade from some lyptus scraps a friend brought me from his cabinet shop.

Clicking on the pictures will make them larger.

2 Responses to “Handmade Wooden Arrows”

  1. Hi: what size Round Over Bit do you use. Can you make 5/16″ 11/32″ and 23/64″ arrow shafts with the same bit.

    • I use a 1/2″ bit for every size arrow. I only think it would matter if it was too small. Since the shaft is rotating in the drill, I don’t think the size matters too much. You could probably use a straight bit and it would work. I think that the roundover might make it a bit easier to get a smooth shaft though.
      If you make some, send a pic.

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