Raising Copper!

I am taking a metalsmithing class at the Lawrence Art Center and it is a real eye opener for me! I should have done this years ago.

We have a great teacher, Bryan Park, a great facility, and all the students seem really glad to be there.

Raising A Copper Bowl

This week, I started raising my first  vessel from a flat sheet of copper. Here it is after two preliminary rounds of sinking (beating the copper into a depression to start the right shape).

Hand raised copper bowl

4 Responses to “Raising Copper!”

  1. raising and planishing copper sheet, WOW!!!!!!!! your topics have reminded me of my apprentice days as a sheetmetal worker and coppersmith, sadly I furthered my career following HVAC and only worked in copper on very few occasions.

  2. Love the site , really like the copper section , are you currently posting new work?

    • Hi – I have been posting most of my new work on Instagram lately – but I will pull some things over here this week. Thanks for the nice comments.

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