The Finished Dagger

1095 steel dagger with wenge handle and bronze fittings

I finished the dagger today!

1095 Steel Dagger with wenge handle and bronze fittings complete

Making a two edged knife was a bit of a stretch for me but I am really pleased with how it turned out. It has a 5.5″ blade length and 10″ OAL. It is made out of 1095 steel. The fittings are hammered bronze.

Bronze Pommel and Wenge dagger handle

The pommel is heavy and almost 3/4″ at its thickest. Having the weight there offsets the weight of the blade and makes the knife feel agile in your hand.

Because this was a gift, my friend gave me a silver coin so the knife would not cut our friendship. I expected a nickel but instead I got this beautiful solid silver handmade Baron Guglielmo Bardicci coin!

Baron Gugliemo Bardicci solid silver coinBaron Gugliemo Bardicci solid silver coin Obversea

This was a great project.  Next up,  hunting knives.

Happy Making,


6 Responses to “The Finished Dagger”

  1. Jim,

    all I can say is Nice!
    you should be proud

  2. Thanks Steve!

  3. Great looking knife! I just started blacksmithing myself, knives are one of the main things I am interested in making. I really like the hammered pommel, awesome.

  4. Thanks Wicker.

  5. I live in Minnesota and I found one of these coins your site is the only place I’ve been able to find this coin I’m wondering where is it from what type of coin is it

    • It is a handmade coin – forged by a ‘barony’ in the SCA. It was made for Baron Guglielmo Bardicci and given to a friend of mine who is involved in the SCA

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