Why I make stuff (or my about page)

Because I cannot stop.

I can’t stop going into the shop. I get jittery and weird if I go a couple days without crafting something. I can’t stop trying to fold my napkin into an origami crane. I love the sound of a hand plane making a perfect hair thin slice off the edge of a piece of pine.

That’s about it. Oh yeah, and I like talking to people about making stuff too.

Let me know what you are building. I really would love to hear about it.

You can email me at jim@makestuffwithyourhands.com.

12 Responses to “Why I make stuff (or my about page)”

  1. do you do custom work? I have seen a wooden crow that I need reproduced. very similar to the stuff you are making right now. Don’t care about the wood you use but it needs to be black…
    see pics and please let me know…




  2. Yes, I do custom work. I sent you an email.
    Thanks for visiting the blog,

  3. 3ravensmetalcraft Says:

    Jim: I hope you don’t mind that I linked back to you in my blog. Finding someone else who “gets this” is really wonderful!


  4. Jim, your a thug.
    Thanks for the inspiration. I DO MAKE STUFF with my hands…… but sometimes find myself obsessivly looking at what OTHERS make with THEIR hands. How DO you find the motovation?

  5. Motivation is easy for me. I go to the store, see something I want, and am not willing to pay for it. I just make it instead. Of course, I spend more on the tools and materials than it would ever take to purchase one but it FEELS BETTER to make it.
    And how great does it feel to give someone something you put your energy into making than a gift imported from China?

  6. Ah, wow! Someone to whom “paying more for the tools to make it yourself” does not sound insane! I am also a compulsive maker. I draft sewing patterns, crochet, recently started doing leatherwork, and have always wanted to get into woodwork. My boyfriend would also love to have the space to make his own knives, so I sent him your inspirational work. Fantastic site!

  7. Love the title! Couldn’t have said it better.

  8. Sherry seever Says:

    I just met your dad at the river he told us about you

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