A Murder of Crows

I am really pleased with this new crow. I am getting quite a set of watch crows around the house. Somehow, they are comforting if you put them at the top of a bookcase where they can see the whole room.

I find this cedar surprisingly hard to carve.  I have to keep my knives very sharp but the incense of the cedar shavings filling the room makes it worth the extra effort.


4 Responses to “A Murder of Crows”

  1. Nice work, Jim! I would really like to carve 4 or 5 and mount them on my roof.

    Check these guys out on the rood of Ransome Hall at Kenyon College in Ohio:


    It’s a great place to watch real crows, too. I was touring campus with my family and wondered away following half tame crows.

    You have to watch this, too. Amazing!


  2. Hey Davis, thanks for the great links.
    I went and found Peter Woytuk’s website thanks to you. I did not know his work and it is wonderful. Thanks so much for point that out to me.
    I have seen the TED talk and that is great also.
    Have you seen the crows fishing with bait?

  3. They say there not available

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