Making a fixed blade pocket knife in O1 and micarta for every day carry

I got to spend a great day with my dad making knives. I have been interested lately in having a fixed blade pocket knife so, I put together this pattern and we each made the same knife.

Here is how mine turned out:

It is sized like a neck knife, but I specifically designed it to be carried as an EDC (every day carry) pocket knife.

And here it is in its sheath. I made the sheath with the Loveless style cam so it makes a great ‘snap’ when you put it away.

It is comfortable in my front pocket or the leg pocket in my work pants.

Happy Making,

12 Responses to “Making a fixed blade pocket knife in O1 and micarta for every day carry”

  1. That’s a great little edc, Jim. I like the sheathe design, I may borrow it when I get my Blacksmith’s knife finished. I will need to create a profile to shape the leather around, now I’m going to have to think a little harder, lol.

  2. Dude you do great work! I love that thing. just one question… what is the loveless style cam?

  3. Thanks Steve.
    Bob Loveless used a hard piece of leather as a welt (middle piece of leather glued and sewn between the front and back layers of the sheath). This welt piece sticks out inside the sheath and the guard or finger ridge has to snap by it to get in or come out of the sheath. This helps you not lose your knife.

  4. Jim, fantastic set up for an EDC knife. Could I get you to make me one?

  5. […] made it to be part of a hunting set and showed the smaller first knife here quite a while […]

  6. Michael Smith Says:

    How can I get this same knife and sheath its perfect.

    • Hey Michael – I am not making any to sell right now – too much going on. If I get a chance, there are a couple folks that have said they are interested – I will let you know.

  7. Hey there! Love the sheath. Two questions:

    1. What kind of leather did you use?
    2. Did you have to wet form the leather at all?

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