Hunting Knife Filework – Vine pattern

I do not seem to be able to tie this one down and get a handle on it but here is the vine file work I put on the spine of my latest knife.

Knife back with vine file work

5 Responses to “Hunting Knife Filework – Vine pattern”

  1. All ur knifemaking skills are intact as far as I can tell…the file work looks pretty dog-gone good, also !

  2. I think its gorgeous! I love looking at all the stuff you make! It makes me feel pretend close to you 😛

  3. looks great , can you email me the measurements you used on the spine? thanks Norm

  4. Thanks Norman. I believe that I measured out 1/4″ segments if I remember correctly. I am pretty sure that I just used my round file width so the semi-circles would look right.

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